Friday, April 21, 2017

life, according to my iphone

[fishy choices; neighborhood mid-run finds]

not to sound cliche, but thank goodness it is friday. this really has felt like the longest week. although, that may be more to do with the fact that i've had my days mixed up for the better part of the work week. monday, i thought was thursday, wednesday i thought was tuesday, and thursday i thought was friday. today, i feel relieved to be on track with what actual day it is. so tonight, we plan to celebrate by having a some of our framily over for ravioli and wine. 

enjoy the weekend!

[cookout goods; bday surprised face]

[a sunny car ride; T's first try at a pork tenderloin - yum]

[friyay family dinner; sun break]

[friends in plaid; snail mail from a sweet friend]

[impromptu lunch date with T]

[comfort food; furry cuddles]

[T tasting a couple of new brews]

[pouty pups; sweet treats]

[falling in love with katsudon; record choices]

[weeknight girls dinner]

[the teensiest chopsticks; one of T's favorite shops]

[margarita-themed happy hour; all the men up against one tree]

[i mustache you a question; little brother big spooning]

[ravioli stuffing; plant eye candy]

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