Wednesday, April 12, 2017

awesome and awkward

[testing our skills at salmon cakes]

  • since the start of the year, T and i have been on the go, with every weekend planned and packed to the brim. we've just now come to a point where our weekends are slowly becoming our own again, and believe me, it has been well missed. 
  • three amazing changes coming to those i love: i am gaining another niece or nephew later this year (!!), one of my closest friends is about to bring in a darling little girl in under a month (cue excitement, and nervously checking my phone), and my best is about to be married to her beloved at the start of next month. so much yay!
  • T and i recently watched passengers, and while it didn't get rave reviews, i fell in love with it. i thought it brought up some interesting ideas about human nature, and our drive to connect with others. what choices we make, the reasoning behind it, and how desperation takes it's toll in our decision making. the psychological aspect was very intriguing to me, to say the least. 

  • while taking the pups on a walk, we walked past a house that had a couch ready for pickup. before i could stop him, boba quickly marked it as his front of the homeowner. oops.
  • for whatever reason, when i bring in a new plant for our backyard, within hours of planting it, solo pees on it. and because he has inadvertently killed several plants, i have to come up with new tactics to keep him from doing what he does. i wish i could accurately describe the look he gives's a mix of why, screw you, no, and i can't stop it, i'm in the middle of peeing, duh. 

[the look T gives me when i say i want to take a look at more plants]

[trying new dishes with friends]

[nurse pups tending to my mom post-knee surgery]

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