Monday, April 10, 2017

adventures in pasta making

for the latest in my adventures in pasta making, this recipe was planned as a treat to my dad (and family) for his birthday a few weeks back. when my parents first gifted me my pasta maker, my dad quickly put in his birthday dinner request for his upcoming celebration - ravioli with a lobster and crab filling. so, i spent the next several weeks scouring pinterest for recipes that would be just right for my dad. 

i'd been coming up with nothing that quite fit, then, just in the nick of time, i found it...well, two. i found a killer pasta recipe using semolina flour, and another with a killer filling combo and sauce to finish. the only nerve-racking part? i'd only made pasta twice. once by hand rolling, once using my pasta maker. but, i hadn't ventured into ravioli. 

[the classic pre-dough making shot]

the main recipe called for a lobster and crab filling sauteed with cognac, shallots, garlic, ricotta, and chives...doesn't that just sound heavenly?

[prepping my bottom layer to seal with the top]

once all 60 (yes, 60! and i was initially worried there wouldn't be enough for everyone.) raviolis were made, the sauce was next. and oh, what sauce it was - crab, tomato, and cream with a bit of cognac. 

the end result was a deliciously savory, rich dish worthy of a pretty amazing dad. but, i may also be just a tad biased ;)

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