Friday, June 23, 2017

grand lake

last weekend, T and i drove up to grand lake to stay at our friend's lake house with our tulsa crew. one house, seven couples, and too many laughs and cocktails to count. it was such a blast start to finish, and it had us all wishing the weekend was just a wee bit longer. 

[sunset driving]

our first night, T and i got to the house just in time for pizza and late night shenanigans. think loads of pool hangs, pranks, golf cart debauchery, and belting out our favorite tunes. i initially had every intention of taking it easy the first night, but that did not only the best way.

the next morning was a late one for the house altogether. but, once we did come around, the am gang made breakfast for everyone. oh, it was so good...especially the tofu scramble!

then, we loaded up our goodies and set out to hit the lake for the day. so much sun, laughs, swims, and dancing. really, just the perfect saturday. 

[hunky husband]


[lily pad lounging, a new lake fave for me]

[taking in the views]

after we wrapped up on the water, we brought all the toys in, and T and i with matt and julia got to work on dinner. that night, we hung in, played games, and found a new hilarious favorite in melmojis. 

[natalie working on brunch]

but like all good things, it had to come to an end. we had such a great time with these goofs, and cannot wait for the next lake trip!

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