Wednesday, June 21, 2017

baking 'ventures

as much as i love to bake, there are some recipes i steer clear of that seem too technical or outside of my skill level. for a long time, the swiss roll was on that list...until a couple of weekends ago. honestly, the idea of rolling a cake didn't quite click for me until i'd watched an episode of the great british baking show that featured it. the way the judges broke down each step and the logic behind it suddenly made it so simple. i had to finally see if i could do it.

first up, i had to whip the egg whites to lift the sponge cake...

then, to bake the cake to the perfect level of light golden and quickly roll it. oddly enough, this stage wasn't as hard as i thought it would be. minus, burning my fingers from rolling a hot cake. 

[goodies ready to go]

once the sponge cooled, i slowly unrolled it, added the cream and berries, and got to re-rolling it. 

then, to taste it...thankfully, T and my brother were sweet enough to be my guinea pigs. it was everything i'd hoped it would be, and i've already begun dreaming up new combinations :)


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