Friday, August 18, 2017


this past week has been such a mind-warp hasn't it? without going into specifics on my feelings or thoughts on it, i'd rather keep it simple. choose kindness. i may not be in a position to make a massive impact, or change hateful rhetoric, or provide the comfort so many desperately need to feel safe and supported - but, what i can do is this, be kind. kindness is such a underrated quality, and an attribute i have always held in great reverence.

it is the one thing that can change someone's discouraging day into a moment that gave them hope that they can keep going. it can be in the simplest of gestures which is why kindness has the impact it does. a friendly smile to a passerby, helping someone when they've dropped their things, lending an ear to someone who needs to talk, offering a word of encouragement unprovoked, or even the pay-it-forward at the grocery store or coffee shop...the list is endless. let's choose kindness. not only to our fellow neighbors, or strangers we may meet, but to ourselves too. it's easy to forget to be kinder to ourselves and no one is exempt. so, let's also choose kindness internally. 

happy weekend, and be sure to be kind. 

[my best rosie the riveter]

[T: "you look like you're going to a '50s sock hop"]

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