Wednesday, August 9, 2017

in between

[backyard am yoga sesh]

sorry for the break in posts guys. the workweek has been pretty intense as it typically is this time of year which means T and i have been playing catch-up on the weekends/gearing up for the next wave of hustle coming the next week. thankfully, we are now cracking into our second week of it, and we are slowly getting into a new routine to adjust with this extra busy period. so, i thought it was high time to do an in between post!

[can you throw the ball to me while its still in my mouth?]

[friyay ramen night]

[summertime in my hometown]

[freshly grown goods]

[solo hanging with my cousin's pups]

[salad prepping]

[relieved wives club post-cornhole tourney]

[vanilla custard of my dreams]

[found the cutest balloon for an employee's last day]

[pre-sauced buffalo wings]

[mango-coconut baked concoctions]

[hunky date]

[delicious nibbles]

[family birthday party]

[the birthday boy himself!]

[sunday harvest]

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