Friday, September 29, 2017

breath of life

last friday, T and i went to the cystic fibrosis foundation's breath of life gala to support our friends matt and julia. matt and julia's sweet son, owen, had been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis just a short time after his birth. and ever since his initial diagnosis, his parents, our dear friends, have been on the war path towards research in finding a cure for this disease. 

we'd been out to a couple cystic fibrosis walks with them to raise funds and support, but this was our first time to go to an event like this. to say we were excited to support our friends at this gala would have been a massive understatement.  

[the webbs]

[julia and i]

once we got checked in, and said our hello's, it was off to see the silent auction. between the autographed kings of leon guitar, artwork from a fellow cf warrior, and a corgi puppy, there were some seriously tempting auction goods. i'd be lying if i didn't try to tempt T with the puppy more than twice ;)

[catching up with this FL babe]

before the main auction commenced, we learned about several cf warriors who made an impact. these were (and are) individuals who either served as examples to fellow cf warriors of what living with cystic fibrosis could be like, or had helped serve as guinea pigs in drug trials for drugs that will soon help others. it was so moving to hear each of their stories, and left me feeling inspired by their strength in purpose. 

[adorable owen]

lastly, matt and julia came up to speak as the night's keynote speakers. as their friend, and another cf supporter in the crowd, it was so moving to hear them speak as people and as parents about their experience. with further research and funding, hopefully one day soon, cf can finally stand for cure found. 

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