Wednesday, May 24, 2017

owen's warriors

a couple of weekends ago, T and i drove up to tulsa for the annual cystic fibrosis walk. we were so excited to come out and support our friends, and their sweet little boy, owen. not only was the weather absolutely gorgeous, but our team had quite the turn out this year! i was so excited and impressed by all the support showered on our friends by so many people from near and far. 

[owen's warriors, minus T who took the photo]

[the georges]

[owen's warriors furry supporters]

[getting ready to walk]

[so many walkers!]

our group always has fun making it a game to make all six laps during the walk. even when some of the other teams fell by the way side, we stuck to it until we got through them all. 

once the walk had finished, it was time for the awards ceremony. team owen's warriors raised $11,000 and placed 3rd for funds raised! how freaking great is that? we couldn't have been more excited to support such a great cause, and our loved ones, the george family. 

[he sure is]

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