Wednesday, September 6, 2017

awesome and awkward

[patterned eye candy]

  • have you guys heard of the youtube channel binging with babish? well, have you ever watched a movie or tv show, and thought, oh my gosh, i wish i could eat that (aka me most of the time)? then this channel is for you. they tackle everything from the infamous goodfellas prison sauce to pulp fiction's big kahuna burger to bob's burgers' inventive creations. trust me when i say you'll wish you were one of the chef's neighbors who got to eat his treats after watching just one episode.
  • last weekend, T found a way to kick up our bike gang romps to the next bringing our bluetooth speaker to blast classic 80s jams. we had such a blast riding around town singing along to several favorites like "don't you (forget about me)", and "down under". 
  • tomorrow, i'll get to try out my first barre class at udander. truthfully, i'm a little nervous about it since i've heard barre is pretty intense. but i do love switching it up, so i'm feeling game for the challenge. i mean, it can't be worse than hot yoga, pilates, or free weights, right? at least i'll get a mini spa soak afterwards ;) 
  • several times this summer, i have had some windy dress problems. to the point that i may have to just start wearing shorts under every dress when there is even the slightest gust of wind. and i'm not saying just a small burst of wind. i'm talking dress goes all the way up to my midriff in a crowded know, something you'd really wish wouldn't happen in a parking lot or a corn hole tournament. cue all the eye rolling emojis, ugh. 
  • while out celebrating my brother's birthday with my family, we had been talking about spicy peppers and our friends' reactions. just after that moment, our food came out (last photo below) and i ate what i thought was a small tomato garnish from my dish. the moment my teeth bit the "tomato" in half, i realized i had made a huge mistake. it wasn't a tomato, but a small (very spicy) pepper! i spent the next 20 minutes eating tortillas and drinking water to help cool off my mouth. and it took a little over half that time before i could taste anything. oops.

[summertime lunching]

[learning more about the new deal]

[beware of the little peppers!]

[splash pad on a humid morning makes for a spooky sight]

[feijoada + caipirinha break]

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