Wednesday, September 13, 2017


last saturday, T thought he and i were going out to celebrate his 30th birthday early just the two of us since we'd be out of town for his actual birthday. but, what actually happened was a surprise party filled with some of his dearest friends, his favorite views of the city, slice after slice of pizza, too many laughs, hugs, and high-fives to count, and the healthiest wine pours. for months i'd been planning away, and it made my heart all too happy to see my plans finally come together to celebrate my sweet husband.  

[hey T's head]

since my beau is a man of simplicity and humor, i thought the best decor would be life-size versions of his face. our guests had loads of fun posing with them and/or leaving them in bushes to spook anyone nearby. the guys had a lot of fun creating new ways to play 'where's T?' (a fun play on where's waldo)

[this burrata and that truffle honey...i'll dream of it always]

[which T is the real one?!]

[couple of goofs]

[T got thirsty]

[the bros altogether]

[the roasted goat pizza; yum]

[group shot, plus, find T]

[love these women]

[welcome to the 30s club!]

after snacking on amazing pizza, singing happy birthday to the birthday boy over a mountain of cookies, and loads more posing with T's signs, we ventured to the next location. we kept the party going with the remaining gang while sipping delicious cocktails at my favorite supper club. the guys kept the jokes coming with T's signs while we toasted to our favorite baldy. 

[i love this photo]

[which T is which]

[bro hugs; hey ladies]

it was the most perfect night to toast to one of my favorite humans, and was such a blast. a huge thanks to hall's pizza for being so outstanding with everything as well as our friends who sweetly came out from near and far...and a happy early 30th birthday to T. i can't wait to see what this year holds for you :)

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