Friday, March 2, 2018


this past tuesday i came another year around the sun and turned 31. it feels so strange to think about me ten years ago finally getting to hit the bar scene and partake in cocktails...still trying to figure out who i was and where my life was going and what i wanted to do with it. flash forward ten years to a much more settled version of myself with a sense of purpose and drive. it really is like they say that you feel more yourself in your thirties. it's like i'm more relaxed and at home in my own skin. that being said, i still of course wrestle with doubt, nerves, and anxiety now that i am tackling grad school (eep!! and eek! at the same time). but, still, a sense that i am on the path of where i want to go and i know exactly who i am/want to be. 

here's to 31! i cannot wait to see what i can do with this year :)

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