Friday, March 16, 2018

in between

[what may have been my favorite bloody mary ever]

i'm sure you all have noticed my intermittent blog posting as of this year. for those who do not know, i've started my grad school program! and let me tell you, it is keeping me busy, and then some. honestly, i love what i'm learning and it feels really great to be back in an educational environment. i'm one of those people who loves the classroom and the opportunity to absorb completely new information. but, in the meantime, i'm sorry to say the trend of here and there posting may continue (apologies in advance!). 

trust me though, i am missing blogging like crazy. but balancing working, school, life, and blog is...whew! so, i felt like it was time i share a little of the in between moments that have happened since the start of school. i hope y'all enjoy :)

[skate party]

[i love when these three are together]

[what most of my time is spent doing...eep!]

[treat yo self]

[the coolest shop i've seen, hands down]

[hunky heartthrobs]

[surprise birthday treat]

[double date]

[cheers to 31!]

[thinking of my wishes for this year]

[a cozy date]

[the cutest parents]


[my dudes]

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