Monday, March 26, 2018

ga comes to ok, part one

last week, i said a very tearful farewell to one of my most treasured friends who came to stay with T and i for near a week. we had such an absolute blast running around town sipping tasty cocktails, eating the delicious treats, and savoring all the quality time we could get. 

here's part one of what we were up to while she was in town.  

[first thing's first, cucumber margies]

[chicken mojo tacos + avocado crema]

once laura's flight got in, we took it easy for awhile to soak up the springtime weather over cocktails and a couple of very overjoyed pups. after dinner, T and i took laura to a local bar to try out their signature cocktail.

[swirls courtesy of the mont]

[music convos]

[st. patty's day brews]

the next day, we took laura to T's favorite local brewery for a tour and a killer tasting. T and laura left with full bellies and dreams about the upcoming sours to be. 

[spiked shake and fry break]

later, we had our friends mariah and arin over for what had to be one of the funniest dinners we've ever hosted - and that's saying something. 

[wings, two ways, and mojitos]

[brunching done right]

the next day, we had the most indulgent brunch and took a much needed walk through the botanical gardens.

[loving the textures]

[love this one for taking us around]

[post-garden tour cocktails]

[butterbeer ice cream break]

afterwards, we headed back to the house for a lazy evening of movie marathons and pajama lounging. aka, a great day in my book!

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