Wednesday, June 20, 2018

awesome & awkward

[sibling happy hour]

  • about a month ago, T and i finally got to meet one of his oldest friend's' baby. it was such a treat to watch T's excitement about this new chapter in his friend's life. plus, of all the cutesy baby photos i've seen, i really love that T's friend goes for the goofy or awkward facial expressions to post. 
  • i've never talked about my work life on the blog. it has been an intentional choice, but there was a great moment that happened completely by accident. not long ago, i brought in a new stress toy for people to use in meetings. after recommending it to one individual in particular, there's been a huge shift in how that person responds in stressful situations. it was such a great win and made me really happy that something so small made such a huge impact.
  • so, i've talked about how solo watches tv occassionally, but we've recently started catching boba watching tv. funny thing is that he seems genuinely interested in watching for long periods of time (ears perked up, pensive expression, and focused eyes) whereas solo seems to be drawn by a lot of movement. boba's current favorite? brooklyn 99.  
  • during alton brown's interview on hot ones, he was asked about his experiences in the grocery store. aside from the obvious fans who ask him what they should purchase or try, alton moved onto a subject that made him more somber. he talked about his experiences when he sees some of the food choices other shoppers make with their grocery carts. when he sees what products shoppers have selected in their carts, it often makes him depressed and he will leave the store (cart left in the aisle) without purchasing his items. when asked why, alton said the choices people make with food that isn't nutritional, flavorful, or beneficial to the individual cause him to feel sad for grocery consumers. as a result, he commonly shops late at night where he is less likely to have issues. i found this not so much awkward, but interesting because i often have that exact conversation with T. now, i've never left my groceries, but i have become concerned, if not saddened, at some of the decisions i see. of course, we are all free to chose what we consume, but there are products that are not of any nutritional value and can cause harm. plus, there are always more ways to add flavor! take it what you will, but i found it interesting :) 

[chocolate break]

[red dirt rug]

[big stick house, little momma]

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