Monday, June 11, 2018

beginning french cooking

for this year's birthday, my cousins very sweetly gifted me dorie greenspan's cookbook on french cuisine in the home. i've always been interested in testing my cooking skills with french foods, but i didn't think i was at the level of trying out julia child's book. truthfully, as much as i admire julia as well as everything she has done for making french cooking accessible for americans...i am so intimidated. dorie's book appealed to me because it made the recipes she selected seem so relaxed and easy-going where anyone could try them out. granted, julia's book has the same intention, but even julia loved dorie's way of narrating her recipes. aka a good sign for an intimidated cook like myself. one day julia, i will work through your book. 

[chicken diable with garlicky, crumb-coated broccoli]

both recipes were amazingly delicious and the scents created while making each dish was spectacular. i really wish there was a scratch and sniff function to these photos because the photos only tell a small part of the story. 

overall, the dishes weren't too complicated. however, they did require a good amount of time as the dynamite flavors from the dishes came from layering the seasonings over steps. it was well-worth the work and wait. 

[chicken in a pot: the garlic and lemon version]

so far, having only tackled two recipes, i cannot wait to see, smell, and taste more recipes from this cookbook!

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