Friday, June 15, 2018

ride okc

last saturday, T and i took a bike tour through downtown okc with ride okc. ride okc recently opened as a bicycling tour guide throughout the metro area offering art + architecture, cookies, and brewery tours. with options like those, who could say no, right? 

after mulling over our options, T and i decided to check out the art + architecture tour. it seemed like the perfect activity to get into on a sunny summer morning. 

[learning about okc's oldest hotel]

[T and our awesome guide, ryan]

[the largest bronze sculpture short of buddhist temples...crazy, right?]

[admiring the boat-shaped boathouse]

[my favorite mural]

[i love this house]

the temperatures may have been a little toasty, but our tour was dynamite. we couldn't have been happier with our tour guide and can't wait to take another tour. thanks again for everything ryan!

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