Sunday, February 24, 2013

chihuly at night

just before nye, T and i ventured down to dallas with my family to check out the chihuly exhibit. the exhibit has been held at the arboretum and botanical garden for a hot minute but, they had decided to have a special viewing of it at night. i love chihuly's eye for color, design and attention to detail, especially his use of light to enhance his pieces. so we were thrilled to get a chance to see a new "view" of his work under the glow of nightfall and accent lighting.

i took this photo of my grandpa bj and T...their faces are a mix of "we're stopping again?" and "it's so cold, i can't feel my toes".

i loved how chihuly used water and light pointed at the right angles for the above and below photos. in the snapshot above, it looks as if water is pouring from both the top and bottom. below, the water acts as a mirror making the viewer wonder were the piece actually begins.

needless to say, it was well worth enduring the chilly weather that blew through dallas that night. but, then again, i don't need an excuse to see chihuly's work :)

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