Tuesday, February 12, 2013

valentines and wine

shortly after christmas with the lull of all the non-decor around, i decided i wanted to play host to a valentine making party. just a few friends, a little wine, plenty of sweets to snack on and, of course, some extreme girly-ness. it was the perfect remedy to cure my post christmas decoration blues.

valentine's day always has this stigma where people walk on eggshells of being in a relationship or not and what to do and not do. ick! i always loved valentine's day when i was younger...not so much for having a special someone but more about making fun cards and candy. so i thought a few friends and i could do just that. not focus on who it will be but, have fun goofing around and making valentines..for the sake of making something cute.

there was lots of laughing...girl talking..toasting gallore..

lots of pink...sweet notes..and of course confetti.

it was perfectly sweet, simple and felt just like grade school all over again. minus the wine of course ;)

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