Wednesday, February 20, 2013

a painting

a little over a year ago, i came across the lovely and talented artist jessica marianello via her etsy shop. i found myself instantly in love with her pet potraits and her ability to pour the personality of every living being she meets into her paintings. my favorite, upon going to her website, Stray Dog Arts, was her painting of a man playing the harmonica while his dog howls along. it was just so funny, sweet and out of the norm of what you typically see animals painted as. more times than not, their personalities are not captured as vividly.
so with christmas to come, i set out my plans to have jessica come meet boba and i (pre solo bear) and create a piece that would perfectly capture T and i's sweet lovebug of a pup. her and boba became immediate friends and after telling her all about him and his nickname, sir pouts-a-lot, her face lit up as she just had to see this herself. sure enough, it didn't take long (since boba feels he has a lot to pout about regularly....he really has gotten quite good at it) before he gave that signature pout you see below. and it seemed only fitting that this photo be chosen to capture sweet boba's like-ness.
then christmas morning came, T and i exchanged our gifts, and upon opening T's painting, he took one look and said...that's our boba :)
jessica, we truly cannot thank or recommend you enough to any animal lover to commission your work. we are forever grateful and can't wait to have one made of solo once is has finished growing.

[i love this photo. i kept trying to get boba to sit with all the distractions around him and then finally he did sit. ...right on my lap. that sweet boy sure does have my heart and then some]
should you ever want to have something to remember your furry loved ones or to give as a great, personalized and unique gift, please contact jessica. i can promise, you will get so much more than just a painting. :)

**and yes, we are aware we are those people who talk about their dogs constantly...they may not be our whole life but, they certainly make our lives whole. ..even when boba is sir pouts-a-lot**

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