Friday, February 22, 2013

the grandpa sweater

to say i love this sweater is a massive understatement. i found this gem several years ago at an old navy, tucked away in the back of a sale rack during the heatwave that is our summer. and as crazy as i sounded even wanting to look at it, i couldn't ignore the $5 price tag. what! it had to be mine. and as all great finds go, i wanted to wear it immediately but, obviously, couldn't. so there it sat in the back of my closet awaiting to be presented in the chilly weather to come.
funny thing, ever since i first started sporting this in public, i always get loads of compliments from grandpas! and while most would see that as a sign to not wear something, i only felt comfirmation that i made a great purchase. and, coincidentally, it has been called the grandpa sweater ever since. perfect accent to any outfit but, especially mint jeans and a pair of slouchy canvas boots.

have a great weekend!


  1. Grandpa sweaters are the best! Mine is that dark gray cable knit stuff with the brown buttons that always remind me of cracked m&m's. Great sweater you have!

    1. Thanks Sarah! Yours sounds pretty great too!


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