Wednesday, April 10, 2013

a twist on the original

it's strawberry time, have you heard? i couldn't resist picking up a container or two this past week since they smelled sooooo good. is it possible to be hypnotized by the scent of fruit? i swear, i could hardly finish grocery shopping before my thoughts were swimming with 'berry recipes! once i brought them home, i thought i would try my hand at this strawberry shortcake recipe. and between it, the yummy 'berries, and the fresh whipped cream i threw together, it sure did hit the spot.

best part about it was that even T liked it..which if you don't know, finding a treat that he likes (and not just taking a bite to be polite) is crazy hard to do. i predict there may be more shortcakes in our near future...

happy hump day!

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