Friday, April 26, 2013

life, according to my iphone

[out to the opera with T. whipping up a batch of fried chicken my grandma would be proud of]

[watching a spring storm roll through]

[brightly colored nails. an afternoon run to a great sunset]

[birthday celebration with the girls]

[neopolitan dessert. the aftermath of an amazing dinner]

[mulled wine at a family dinner for my dad's birthday]

[lebanese bbq. what remains of the "indestructable" toy]

[T pondering his coffee future. one happy pup and one lazy lab tongue]

[getting their pant on. fiesta goodies]

[spring showers. a new craft project]

[a spicy gift for a cool dad. the teensy strawberry that could]

[iron and wine concert on a great spring night, yes please]

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