Monday, April 1, 2013

striped back

hope everyone had a great easter! sorry for the abscense in posts, my computer decided to be fussy and not want to work. (which ended up having a quick and easy solution, thank goodness!) with the break in post time, i thought i would seize the opportunity to relax and enjoy the spring season...which entailed baking a lot of deliciously sweet treats with all the amazing fruits that have come in season. but i am so excited to be back online and blogging again. i have to say, i have missed it quite a bit!

i love shirts that have a little something extra to them without being over the top.  this razerback i inititally bought not even knowing about the back since, at the time, i was looking (last minute) for a basic black tank. once i brought it home, i instantly fell in love with the gray and black stripes and it's been a favorite ever since. **also, i only realized now that i hadn't completely tucked in the back of my tank. sorry about that! ...i'll blame it on the extended break from blogging ;) **

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