Monday, June 17, 2013

blues and bbq

summertime, to me, means good music and loads of yummy barbeque. which, i love barbeque so much, i don't really need to wait for summer to get here to have it. but, to have a local okie festival that features it? T and i couldn't get there fast enough! so last saturday, we met up with our friends austin and amanda to enjoy all the sights, sounds and tastes...
once we got there, we high tailed it to the food stand and aside from pausing to listen to the different blues bands, it was the quietest we had been all night. which is also why i completely forgot to snap daytime shots aside from the one know, priorities and all.

[enjoying the music with the downtown backdrop]

[austin kept catching me snapping became a game to try to catch him off guard]

[such goofs]

we had such a great time listening to some of our favorite music and enjoying all the greats a summer night has to offer.
can't wait to check out another local treat!

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