Wednesday, June 26, 2013


last month, my parents came in town a little early so we met up with them in the city for dinner and drinks. after going back and forth on where to go, we decided to check out a little tapas spot, bolero, right on the river. if you've never had tapas, they are assorted spanish appetizers that can be served as a snack or in place of dinner. the idea behind it, is to open up conversation in groups of people by keeping the attention of the person off their own separate plate.  
i first tried tapas while studying abroad in spain, with my favorites being: calamari, manchego cheese with honey, the spanish tortilla, or jamón ibérico with a bit of bread. and while it's not quite the same to partake while in the streets of spain, i still love the chance to enjoy it this side of the ocean with such great company.

our favorites were: fried goat cheese with honey, braised mushrooms, ceviche, grilled pork tenderloin and the sweet wrapped dates. that, paired with a light beer or paloma, were the perfect way to start a great weekend.

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