Monday, October 21, 2013


[bonfires at sunset]
this past weekend felt lazy and productive at the same time. which, i'm not even sure you could have both, but, it felt like we came close! T and i have made some serious head-way on our halloween costumes, kept warm by the firepit under a very full moon, used some inspiration from the nightmare before christmas to carve up a very spooky pumpkin with friends, enjoyed a few fall-themed cocktails, and, we got to enjoy late nights cozying under the covers while watching movies.
hoping everyone had a great weekend!

[the first stew of the season]

[farm/ranch pups. they always have the sweetest personalities, especially the very pregnant mama pup below]

[this super creative oil company owner's birthday cake]

[garden tomatoes with a tiny dash of sea salt]

[and this one. but, then again, he's always a favorite of mine]

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