Friday, October 11, 2013

the lumineers

last week i met up with alex, jen, laun and andrew (laun's bf) to see the lumineers in concert. we had all been looking forward to seeing them, especially since the concert would be held at the okc airpark. thankfully, the airpark wasn't nearly as cool as forecasted so, it made for a clear night sky with the backdrop of downtown okc.

[the opener, dr. dog, made a new fan out of all of us!]

then came the lumineers who put on an amazing concert complete with a few songs from their new album. but, the best was yet to come...

as half way through their set, the band jumped off the stage and headed our way!

where they then set up stepping blocks to play in the middle of the audience. it was so unexpected and completely sealed our love of this band.

[couldn't believe we were 10 feet away from the band!!]

after they finished their song, the lumineers headed back up to the stage where they completed the remaining of the concert with two encores. such a great band who treated our sweet state to a great night. thanks again the lumineers!

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