Monday, October 28, 2013

fall fest

[the kraken]

when it comes to getting in the halloween spirit, i am not one for partaking in scary movies or horror houses. in fact, i absolutely hate being spooked and the thought of intentionally doing anything to scare myself, makes my skin crawl. despite all this, halloween is one of my favorite holidays. but, i mainly like to focus on celebrating with costume parties, pumpkin carving, hocus pocus and cutesy decor. so, when i found out our town would play host to fall fest, i was thrilled to check out an event that would be scare-free.  

T very sweetly came along even though he is one of those (crazy) people who love to get scared on purpose. case in point: in high school, T went to an abandoned school in the middle of the night with his friends just because they knew it would freak them all out...yep, that will never be me!

[amelia earhart and her plane]

[a big hotdog checking out a little one]

[ninjas on the prowl]

and while this was primarily for little kiddos, i had a blast seeing all the fun costumes, sipping on yummy cider and treats (candy), and, seeing all the shops decorated to perfection.

[my favorite costume ever, boo from monsters inc]

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