Wednesday, October 16, 2013

the a maize-ing corn maze

so, remember how i said i'd like to try my hand at a corn maze? well over the weekend, i got to see what T and i were made of when we drove out to reding farms in chickasha with laun and andrew (or l&a...i'm big about shortening our friends who are couples if you couldn't tell). and, i have to say, with it being one of the spookiest months of the year, that corn mazes in person are a little on the creepy side. well, not was gorgeous out there but, it did tend to get quiet pretty easy plus, it did not help that T and andrew decided it was a good time practicing scaring laun and i!

[this guy...i swear. he's lucky he's so cute ;)]

[love them]

so, my first big tidbit about navigating a corn maze is, the maps don't help. i mean, at all. (other than they show you the really awesome design they made.) we figured we should try the medium-difficult since we thought it would be no challenge to us. oh, how wrong we were! unsurprisngly enough, it all started to look the same especially when the stalks were past our heads.
the game then became to get more and more lost to up the ante of course :)

[playing model with laun, of course. love her]

another tidbit? we started to realize that everything we said while in the corn maze sounded like we were going to stumble into a scooby doo episode or onto a horror film set. especially when andrew said, "hey guys, i bet we'd cover more ground if we split up" or "did you guys hear that?".

[oops...laun blocked andrew's face. i guess she was really excited]
but, finally we conquered the maze! feeling pumped and kinda worn out, we took advantage of the bonfire nearby and figured there would be no better treat than some good ol' fashioned s'mores!

happy hump day!

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