Monday, April 14, 2014

100 happy days

have you heard of #100happydays? it is a little challenge to find something each day that makes you happy and snap a photo of it. when i first found out about it, i thought, the idea itself didn't seem too difficult. i mean, finding happiness could be anything big or small, from a tasty cup of tea, to a spontaneous elephant ride ;) however, remembering to photograph it and email it in, did prove a little difficult. so far, i've done pretty well, granted i usually have to send in my pics in batches but, i'm pretty pleased i've stuck it out this far.
in the spirit of this challenge, i thought i would post my progress so far. (although, this is only a snippet, since i'm almost a month into it!)

if you're thinking you may want to try it out, i highly recommend it. sign up via the website above, and if you're using social media to post your pics, tag #100happydays!

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