Wednesday, April 2, 2014

wedding planning

[taken the day after we got engaged...still on cloud nine]
since T and i have gotten engaged, we've been working our way down the to-do's to getting married. almost instantly, we had to think about what time of year we wanted to get married, where, what type of venue, colors, bridal parties, inside or outside, photographers, caterers, etc. i was never one of those girls who grew up dreaming of their wedding so, at first, i did have a little trouble not feeling too overwhelmed. it felt so strange to have everyone ask what i wanted and that be the decision. while i'm more than comfortable giving my opinion, i've rarely been in the situation where my decision was final. it felt strange and daunting. but, since then, have gotten much better at giving a description of what i like or deferring to loved ones for their counsel.
the question i get most often is, does it feel like you're getting married yet? and oddly enough, T and i simultaneously state no. not because we don't want to, or aren't thrilled, but, it just feels like it is off in the future...not, six-ish months away. thankfully, i haven't been too stressed yet, and have really accepted that i just need to enjoy the ride. i really can't believe i'll get to say i do to the sweetest, wittiest, silliest, and most brillant, stud of a prankster i've ever known. i had never pictured i'd be so lucky to find someone who makes me feel whole, and, teaches me that it is okay to be vulnerable. to share that moment surrounded by all our loved ones, from near and far, will feel out-of-this-world amazing. however, until then, i figured i would share a few snips as we go along...

[bridal mags, lovely lillies, and sweet words of encouragement]

[(laun pictured) finding my ceremony and reception dresses]

[champagne tasting for toasts]

[falling in love with gorgeous engagement photos]

[cake tasting...a delicious but, very serious, decision ;)]

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