Wednesday, April 9, 2014

ye olde medieval fair

last saturday, T and i met up with l&a (laun & andrew) + gambit, and jen + bandit at the medieval fair. it had been a couple of years since we had been able to make it out, and, man, has it gotten bigger! there were so many crafting booths, novelties, food, and games to see, i hardly think we made a dent in it all. however, first thing's first, the guys had to get a couple of turkey legs. because what is a medieval fair without having a big piece of meat to snack on in hand?

[jen and i couldn't help but make fun of the sign]

[the little and big kids loved getting to see gambit and bandit]

next up, andrew and T wanted to try their hand at ax throwing...

sadly, they didn't win the prize but, they both got two in the shield!

[all finished and feeling very victorius]

next up, l&a and T tried out knife throwing. again, no prize but, andrew got at least three in the shield that time!

and lastly, laun and i got to ride and feed an elephant! a big-time favorite in my memories with my bestie and left us on cloud nine. granted he was an old giant but, we loved getting up close and personal with him, even for just a few minutes. he even tapped our feet when we left!

[taken just having fed him]


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