Monday, April 7, 2014

cream & white

some days you just crave a classic grey, rainy day. or, at least i do. spending the day watching movies, reading a book, sipping hot tea, or eating a hearty soup...what's not to love? plus, i love the excuse to wear a cozy sweater, shorts and comfy booties. it feels like the best of both worlds, not too layered up to feel like you're dressing for winter but, not too light where you'll be chilly.
by the way, if you were thinking my hair was looking much blonder, you are right. last friday, i went to see my favorite hairstylist katie (seriously, she's amazing, and, hilarious), for a cut. lately though, i had been feeling like my hair needed some change. nothing crazy like dyeing my hair purple but, some blonde highlights were definitely overdue. at first, i was a little nervous since it had been well over six years since i had put any color in my hair. but, after seeing it cut and styled, i knew it was exactly what i needed.

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