Friday, April 11, 2014


earlier this week, laun and i went to a new wine & palette class. we had the sweet pleasure of being treated to a class by laun's beau, andrew, as a present to her (isn't that the cutest?). so, we met our class at the yucatan taco stand to learn how to paint a gorgeous sunset, at sunset, over delicious drinks and food.  

[our favorites to sip on: the cucumber mint margarita, and the strawberry basil margarita]

[not pictured but, our favorites to snack on: the shredded beef tacos, and the latin caterpillar roll]

we had such a great time (as always), and, as an added bonus, have become huge fans of the yucatan taco stand. win, win! can't wait to come back up and sip those tasty margaritas again, and am looking forward to our next painting adventure!

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