Monday, May 12, 2014

a mini quest

so, you may or may not know my long time love affair with ice cream. i've been crazy for it ever since my mom would go for her daily double-dip waffle cone while she was pregnant with me. so, i was destined from the beginning to love it. several months ago, i had heard about roxy's ice cream truck in okc that had all homemade ice cream treats. ever since, i had been trying (unsuccessfully) to catch up with them. but, it seemed i would always just miss them or, we would be out of town when they were scheduled. finally, i had a stroke of luck last friday when i found they would be out and we were in town! so, T and i drove up right after working out to indulge our sweet tooth (or teeth)...

[T is a huge fan of ice cream sandwiches so, he went with the cookie monster]

[i chose a scoop of pineapple & cream, and pistachio]

so, so happy i finally got to try their amazing ice creams! the flavors were spot on and i loved their fresh ideas on creams made. my favorites: pineapple & cream definitely took first place followed by T's cookie monster.

perfect treat to welcome the weekend and i can't wait to indulge again soon. thanks roxy!

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