Wednesday, May 7, 2014

life, according to my iphone

[beautifully green chimichurri sauce; getting my butt kicked at the stadium w/T]
doritos can be used as kindling for starting a fire. i really didn't have a set agenda for bringing up that factoid but, once i found out about it, just had to share. so, then the question becomes, does it work? i'm so curious to buy a bag and find out! happy hump day :) 

[morning cuddles with a white furball]

[freshly washed beauties to start in the amazing cake on the right]

[finding T's new favorite local shop; post-workout smoothies to start the day]

[new favorite in nail colors; found a shocked face in this coconut]

[sweet-smelling cherry blossoms; i just love this face]

[listening to the trees talk; enjoying amazing margaritas and tacos w/my best]

[spiked milkshakes w/my momma; a breathtaking sunset]

[my hunky date; a very sweet welcoming party]

[taking in a friday night flick; my dad enjoying a manly beer]

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