Wednesday, May 14, 2014

water dogs

since the weather has officially decided to stay warm, it has become the time of year our pups love: water season! while our two lab mixes love to play in snow or colder weather, nothing makes them happier than to swim and play around in water. so, T and i try to make a point of taking them out to a nearby lake at least once a month. last saturday was their first day of the season and the moment we parked, they both started to get excited and whined for us to move faster. once we were close enough, we let them off their leashes and they took off towards the was like they knew today was pup day ;)

we had also invited alex & larry to bring their dog huck out since he's a fellow water dog too. the three boys went crazy running in and out of the lake, marking trees, and rolling in red mud. it was so fun to watch how happy they were and to see them in their element.

[huck and boba swimming out for the same stick]

[boba couldn't have been happier as he swam further and further out to catch sticks and cool off]

it was such a great afternoon spent treating our water boys to what they love most. they played so hard that they all crashed on the drive back home. so, i think it's fair to say our pup day was a success!

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