Friday, May 30, 2014

the webblorette, part one

last weekend was a whirlwind of a blast. start to finish, it was filled with so many amazing moments that i will treasure forever. my 'maids are seriously the best a girl could ask for and i am so honored they treated me to such a stellar trip. and while, i know every bride says this, it was really the best bachelorette weekend ever.

[mango margaritas, my favorite]

the first up, on our road to austin, was a pit stop outside of dallas to relax, gear up and gal pal. we stayed at michael's (jana's bf) dad's place where we were treated to some great patio time and wine. it was the perfect way to get pumped for the events to come, and helped break up the long drive.  

[an inside joke]

we then woke up bright and early to finish the drive and check in at our hotel...

[cheers to the weekend!]

once we got settled, we ventured out to a nearby tapas bar for lunch and champagne...because what's a bachelorette without celebratory champagne?

post-lunch nap, we got dolled up for an amazing dinner. it was everything i love...warm, intimate, and most of all, fun. a dinner to remember, for sure.

later that night, we walked about rainey street enjoying the energy before planting ourselves at a nearby bar. between the warm temps, mint juleps, jazz music, and great atmosphere, i was in heaven. i even got to reunite with some old friends who lived there!  

after we had our fill of cocktails, mini donuts, and food truck tacos, we pedicabbed it back to the hotel where we reminisced about all the fun moments from that night.

[taken while on the pedicab]

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