Friday, May 2, 2014

in between

[T posing for one of sohail's latest works]
i feel like lately there have been more little moments that have been filling up our time rather than larger events. not that i'm complaining, since i'm partial to the smaller ones. but, i had been noticing more and more, that my phone was filling up with these moments that made me smile. so, of course, i thought i would share. have a great weekend!

[feeling freshly cut grass barefooted - one of my favorite sensations]

[an easter-themed surprise on my desk]

[T picking fresh mint from our flowerbed for mojitos]

[the most handsome boy sitting pretty]

[T and i stumbling upon a little block party in norman]

[loved the inspiration behind this!]

[late night scooter riding with T]
[tried my hand at a homemade banana creme pie (even made the pudding from scratch!)]
[so good. definitely keeping this recipe]
[T's nephew loves having me read to him so much, we spent the next hour reading all his favorites]

[sitting 'round the firepit with T and l&a, over my cucumber margaritas]

[never too old to get excited for the easter bunny!]

[watching T help his nephew on his first big easter egg hunt]
[loving my coloring book from the social club]

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