Friday, June 6, 2014

sea legs

last weekend, after a last minute change-up in plans, we drove out to our friend's house in newcastle to enjoy a day of pool lounging and sun soaking. it was sublime, and just what i needed...although, i unfortunately got sick the next day (unrelated). but lately, it's been one trip after another, which is awesome but, can be a little exhausting. so it was great to just hang with no agenda. we brought the pups along for the day too since they love a good run and swim.

[boba's technique to get in the pool, one]

[boba's technique to get in the pool, two]

[boba's technique to get in the pool, three]

[boba loved racing larry to the edge of the pool]

the pups couldn't have been happier. total, there were seven dogs of all sizes and ages, and our babes loved it. the was quite the fiesta of marking things, rolling around, pooping, sniffing butts, and swimming. 

[boba trying to coax little chuck into swimming; it was chuck's first time]

[chuck was a little scared]

[bruce - my favorite pug. he let all the young pups run around while he kept cool in the shade]

once we swam around for a bit, the guys of course turned to showing off their dives, cannonballs, and belly flops. isn't it funny how quick it turns to that? and if they can splash the girls laying out on their towels...mission complete!

[boba got so excited at this, he jumped in with too]

[right before the guys splashed us...again. oh brother!]

such a great day to welcome the incoming summer months and the best pup sleep aid ever. seriously, it took two days for them to get back up to their normal speed! 

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