Friday, June 27, 2014


like all kids, i loved candy. i mean, loved candy. any movies that featured a kid let loose in a candy store was my dream come true! in fact, i always secretly hoped i would win a spree in a candy store. as an adult, not much has changed. i still hope that happens to me one day. the only thing that is different, is that i can go crazy in a store and my mom can't tell me no. well...i guess she still can technically tell me no but, i still walk away with the candy. of all the tasty treats, my very favorite was, and still is, bubblegum. i even have a top ten list of gums i like most, as crazy as that sounds. when i saw this dress, i instantly gravitated towards it because it reminded me of my favorite candy. and i of course couldn't help but blow a few bubbles ;)

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