Wednesday, June 25, 2014

sunday funday

last weekend, i had the great pleasure of going to a whiskey tasting with our group of friends. as an avid whiskey lover, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to learn more about one of my favorite spiked beverage. while the majority of our group had wine or cocktails, andrew, larry and myself sampled four whiskeys that were newly being sold in our town. with some tasty snacks to add to the tasting, it was a great afternoon spent learning more about the make and history of whiskey.

[the group favorites were the american whiskey aged in old oak barrels, and, the bourbon, sweet, with an added kick]

after our tasting finished, as an added bonus, we were treated to manhattans made with the rye whiskey we just tasted. it was such a great way to dive into one of my favorite liquors, and, i can't wait to pick up one of these in the future!

[love my two amigas]

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