Friday, October 24, 2014

cozumel and tulum

while down in playa, we knew we wanted to check out cozumel and tulum. we had heard so much about both and felt we should make a serious effort to squeeze them in. 


[waiting for our ferry to arrive]

once we arrived, we made friends with a cab driver who took us to a little-known beach recommended to us via locals in playa. getting there was like driving through a jungle and then, poof!, a beautifully pristine beach appeared. and by pristine, i mean, water so calm, there were little to no waves...and so salty, you could float effortlessly. plus, crystal-clear waters as far as the eye could see. 

[delicious margaritas and the beach...our dream come true]

[becoming friends with a few fish]

[obligatory honeymoon beach photo]

[loving the honeymooning life]

[i have a convenience store!]

from there, our driver took us to the other side of the island to a restaurant we were told was a must-see...

[up the hidden path...]

once we made it up the path, the trees cleared and all that could be seen was sand, palm trees, and rocky cliffs leading to gorgeous blue waves. it was beautifully serene and had me nearly thinking of staying there forever. after hanging for a bit, we made our way back to the ferry dock and then back to playa. and aside from my motion sickness from the boat, the day was perfect. 


between the gorgeous beaches, great weather, and cave diving, tulum was an easy choice for our must-see's in mexico. we had received several recommendations to check out a hidden beach there and, it was well worth the drive. everything about it was absolutely dreamy and, aside from some tourist groups - it was one of our favorites!


after soaking up lots of sun rays, saltwater, and margaritas, we started to head out to check out another recommendation...that is, until i saw that T and i could try the fish spa! i've always wanted to try it out and i have to say, it was weird. the fish, naturally and sans-pain, exfoliate your skin of any dead or callused tissue leaving you with smooth, silky skin. the weird thing though was that it was crazy ticklish!! T and i attracted quite a crowd because i was giggling so much. and while, i don't think i would do it again, i do love trying out new experiences with my beau...even if it's something as strange as a fish spa ;)  

from there, we trekked over to do some snorkeling in cenotes. cenotes, are caves that have naturally accumulated freshwater in them via rain water or underground water sources. they can have large, open surface areas to let in light or, like the ones we swam in, can have very little to no light access. 
the water...oh man, cool, crystal-clear shades of blue with teensy fish swimming around (who really liked swimming up close to my goggles to check me out), and in certain areas, baby bats hanging upside down for daytime napping. we loved it and, i am sorry to say, i didn't take any photos as my camera is allergic to water. but, believe me, it was amazing. 

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