Monday, October 27, 2014


so, if you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed alongside planning the wedding, T and i have bought a house! and truth be told, we weren't planning on looking until after the wedding but, sometimes when life hands you an opportunity, you just have to grab it. plus, being the planner that i am, i feel that i am constantly being shown why i just need to keep an open mind and go with the flow. my idea was to wait until it was better timing for us but, life has a funny way of telling you when it knows it's the right time. this was one of those moments and i am so happy it was.

[first day of fall and closing, so so great]

[celebratory pizza with friends]

[bringing a few larger items over first]

prior to the big move-in, my grandparents came down to bless and cleanse our house. we had never done it before but, this being such a big step in T and i's start of our little family, we felt it was a great idea. and i have to say, it was really cool learning a new cultural tradition from my grandparents. it's something i will treasure and want to practice in any new places in the future!

[our little porch lizard, pete]

[i can't resist this face]

for those who are curious, the pups love the new house. they're crazy for all the extra space to patrol as well as their new spot to terrorize the mailman (sorry to our mailman! i don't know why they dislike you so much!). they especially love taking walks around to explore all the new scents and stare-down unfamiliar cats ;)

[someone didn't want to wake up]

[listening to our records during cocktail hour]

[love cooking in our new kitchen]

[love my webb family]

also, apologies for friday's post - somehow i didn't hit save on my final draft so, it uploaded the version of it only being partially finished. but, the problem has been resolved and is ready to read here!

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