Wednesday, October 22, 2014

playa del carmen

our honeymoon...oh man, it was everything it was supposed to be; dreamy, relaxing, and full of adventure. when T and i first started talking about where we wanted to go, we knew (being the serious beach bums we are) that it was a no-brainer to go the beach route. and while we do love the mountains, they don't quite call to us the way the ocean does. from there, we went back and forth between countries before deciding to go with mexico which made playa del carmen an easy choice. 

while there, we decided to keep our plans relatively light as we just wanted to go with the flow and see where the winds took us. which, i have to say, is the best way to go. we have both found that a little planning here and there on trips is helpful (in case there is something you want to make sure you see), it can also get in the way of finding your way in a new place. plus, post-wedding, the last thing we wanted to do was be confined by a daily schedule. and so, in so many photos, our time in playa...enjoy! 

the beach...

[mamitas beach...providing us with gorgeous views every day]

[beach cocktails]

[my favorite beach-time snack - freshly cut mangoes]

[custom drinks from our beach-side bartender]

[my hunky husband post-body surfing]

[catching up on my sun rays]

the apartment...

contrary to what we were being told, T and i wanted to do something outside of the typical resort route for our honeymoon. while we know resorts are lovely and great for doing all inclusive deals, it just didn't quite feel like it was for us. so, while toying with the idea of doing something different, a good friend offered his apartment to us for the week! after showing us the location (right in the heart of all the shops and restaurants) and proximity to the beach (a short 2 minute walk down the street), we jumped at the chance! 

T and i love to explore on our own and get to find the local gems anytime we travel. so, this seemed to be right up our alley and felt much more our pace. 

[loved these stairs]

[morning views on our balcony where we had breakfast]

[lazy morning lounging watching a storm pass through]

[views (above and below) of our courtyard/pool area]

[daily happy hour you really need a reason on vacation?]

[taking advantage of our rooftop terrace each night with wine and a star-filled sky]

the extras...

[killer pizza combo]

[nightly walks for gelato]

[bars and restaurants guiding us to the beach]

[enjoying lunch and waiting out the rain one morning/early afternoon]

[indulging in mayan hot cocoa]

[T perfecting bargaining in spanish]

[this meal completely blew our socks off and was one of our two favorites]

[romantic settings]

[exploring a bit further]

[our other favorite meal while in playa and easily wins for best setting]

[gorgeous night walks (above and below)]

[finding a new love for mexican wines]

[you can buy t-shirts case you didn't know ;)]

[our last dinner, which turned out to be one of the most beautiful dinners had]

[these were two of seven bottles we brought back...we really love the wine]

[riding the high of an amazing honeymoon spent in mexico]

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