Friday, February 13, 2015

sweethearts and chocolate

[locally made ravioli - so, so good]

like most, i find valentine's day to be pretty adorable. all of the cutesy hearts, everything dripping with reds and pinks, the delicious candies...what's not to like? but, as far as celebrating or partaking in it as an adult, i take a pass. T and i aren't much for doing the big plans out and, instead, keep things small and simple. we do sometimes exchange sweet little nothings to each other but, nothing larger than our random b.i.l.y (because i love you) gifts. 

highlighting our feelings for one another, or, for others we care for, isn't limited to a holiday. so, this saturday, our plans consist of enjoying some yummy wine, cooking dinner together, and hanging in. because, at the end of the day, life is more about spending quality time with those you love more than just once a year. 
happy love day; today and every day!

[a sweet dinner w/T]

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