Wednesday, February 25, 2015

awesome and awkward

[day one for itty bitty adelaide]


  • several months back, my aunt found the above photo in storage...the only surviving baby photo left of me. a photo my mom and i instantly teared up upon seeing, since we thought it no longer existed after a flood destroyed all others. a very long, and unpleasant almost 48 hours of labor later, and my mom's long string bean of an baby girl came out. instant love. 
  • T and i are finally past that nasty sinus virus that was going around. being sick at the same time as the other = no fun at all. 
  • new shows T and i have gotten really into lately: backstrom, and man seeking woman 


  • not too long ago, T and i tried out couples yoga with friends. what we thought would be an slow-paced, slightly easy yoga class together became a lightning round of intermediate-level hot yoga. ...i wish i could say that the guys out sweated me but, that'd be a lie. 
  • on a day i was feeling not too hot (back at work after being sick), a co-worker came in to see if i was better and upon seeing my still congested face, immediately said, "oh, nevermind. i can see you're still looking pretty rough." 

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