Monday, February 2, 2015

volcano sushi

so, you may or may not know my love for mom 'n pop shops. not only do i love to support local but, more often than not, i've found them to be true gems. quality service, atmosphere, and great food...without the major crowds. last weekend, T and i found a new one, and trust me when i say, it is too too good! 

[a delicious appetizer, compliments of the sushi chef]

T and i are die-hard sushi fans and absolutely love to sit at the bar to watch the sushi chefs. but this, was truly a treat...the artistry, precision, and grace was a feast for the eyes. not to mention their knack for flavor combinations!

[seriously good]

[our banana boat with chocolate and green tea ice cream]

should you ever be in the area, make sure to try them out. we cannot recommend them enough! (T and i are already trying to plan our next trip out :))

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