Monday, February 23, 2015

new to me: stinchcomb wildlife refuge

a couple of weekends back, T and i decided to check out a nearby hiking spot with the pups. although T is a native to okc, he had never been to stinchcomb wildlife refuge in bethany (a neighboring small town). i, of course, jumped at the chance to explore a place new to the both of us...and so, on we went!

granted, it is the dead of winter and the scenery wasn't in full bloom, but, it was still gorgeous. not only was the weather unusually warm but, the trees, greenery, and wildlife, were absolutely sublime. and the pups couldn't have been happier to run around marking trees, chasing each other, and just being dogs. 

[happy boys]

[solo tried to mark every tree he could]

[me and my chaco-mate]

unbeknownst to us, our hike led us alongside a quiet river that begged for the boys to jump in. although it was too cold for us to join them, we found an area that was perfect for them to play in. 

several rounds of catch, lots of drinking mid-swim, and solo meeting his first pup really was the best day. 

on our way home, T took me to tim's to have burgers and, hands down the best dr. pepper i've ever had. i don't know how they do it but, i am a huge fan and cannot wait to go back!

[sleepy, wet pups on the drive home]

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